Sunday, 6 November 2016

Time for a general election

The decision of the judges to uphold the rule of parliament has caused a quite unecessary outburst of bile and hate. After all the referendum was all about returning power to the UK, so the brexiteers have actually got what they want.

However a problem remains.

Social media sometimes lets matters get out of all proportion as the morons who tweeted rape and death threats are thankfully only a tiny minority, but there is a layer of people who think that the government is dragging it's heels over triggering Article 50, especially since such a process will take around two years to complete.

The problem lies with the previous Cameron/Clegg government.

The decision to hold a referendum was taken in due haste without due regard to the possible consequences. Quite simply Cameron thought he would win and didn't, so everyone is now at a loss what to do. The situation hasn't been helped by another one of his daft decisions to have fixed term parliaments without which it would be easier to hold a sorely needed general election.

The decision to leave the EU has been decided by the public, there can be no going back on this vote whether the "remainers" (of which I was one) like it or not. How we negotiate our way out is far too complex for a referendum therefore the main political parties need to to go to the country to get a mandate around general principles and get a mandate from which to begin.

The outcome of such an election seems a forgone conclusion with the Tories getting a massive majority over Labour because Jeremy Corbyn is not only a poor leader but is both economically and  politically dangerous to this country and it's allies.

Frankly Labour's chances will not improve in 2020 if Corbyn and his cronies are still in charge. His cowardly running away from an ITN reporter yesterday shows us all we need to know about this fool.

The Liberal-Democrats may pick up a few seats following their collapse at the last election but Theresa May is on course for a massive electoral victory.

Labour is probably going to be out of power for a decade or more. That's the reality. The thought of Corbyn, McDonnell and Milne in Downing Street is a nightmare I hope this country never has to face.

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