Monday, 21 November 2016

Warning: This post will offend someone, somewhere for something

The recent decision of City University Students Union to "ban" The Daily Mail, Express and Sun is just the latest in a whole series of events that has allowed the easily offended to try and take away freedom of expression and free speech from those with whom they disagree.

Fact is no one forces anyone to read these papers. You actually either have to buy a copy or log on on-line to read their contents so if you don't want to read them you simply don't have to. It's not rocket science.

But don't tell us what we can and can't read.

Then there's the news that Peter Kay made a dodgy joke on Strictly Come Dancing. Judge Rinder didn't seem offended and frankly most gay men I know have a very raucous sense of humour and irony. Didn't stop the Twitter freaks though.

As if that wasn't bad enough Ant & Dec got into trouble for taking the piss out of their Australian hosts. Has anyone ever seen that Monty Python sketch where everyone's called Bruce?

There seem to be so many snowflakes around these days.

All humour is at someone else's expense in one way or another. Some cultures have a self deprecating sense of humour like the Irish and the Jews. They are not alone. Heck I've even seen a German comedian, just the one mind you.....

So dedicated to those of you who have political correctness stuck up your butts here's a totally offensive skit from Peter Cook  & Dudley Moore.

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