Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Socialist Party contagion

The largest remaining Trotskyist sect on the British left is the Socialist Party, remembered by many as the Militant tendency of old has been holding it's annual "Socialism" love in and gleefully reports:

Well over 1,000 people spent 48 hours being inspired and, in turn, inspiring others with their commitment and determination to fight back against the misery of capitalism.

The entire event was infused with a contagious confidence that our class, the working class, can fight and can win.

Those people unfortunate enough to have had dealings with this  organisation will indeed see a contagion, but not in the terms the comrades define themselves.  Pestilence would probably be a better definition since they want to define themselves in such an odd manner.

Lest we forget that the two times that the Socialist Party has had any hands on power they have buggered up everything. 

Liverpool Council - Bankrupt

PCS Union - heading to ruin it would seem.

It doesn't help that they managed to persuade failed messiah Mark Serwotka to join in their delusional ravings as he told the assembled comrades:

"I call on the leaders of all the unions - let's strike together as a matter of urgency ". He also pointed to the need "to build an alternative political force that has the credibility to stand in elections."

Fortunately the other union leaders are mostly much saner than to go down that road and seem to prefer getting negotiations under way rather than manning the barricades on a semi-permanent basis a-la-PCS and it's failed strategy.

As for building an alternative political force, that laughable given the dire performance of the Trade Union & Socialist Coalition that the Socialist Party created.

Here's their latest astounding result (at the bottom of the list)


The result of the Bilton Ward by-election held on Thursday 6 November2014.

A'BARROW, Julie Beverly (Conservative) - 668 Elected
DAVIES, Gordon (UK Independence Party) - 325
KENNEDY-GEORGE, Lesley (Liberal Democrats) - 280
WELLS, John (Labour) - 212
HERMAN, John (Independent) - 60
CROWLEY, Kate (Green Party) - 37
McLAREN, Pete (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) - 10

The revolution is just around the corner it would seem. Not.

The PCS union despite it's growing financial crisis may be considering spending money on this nonsense at the next election if Serwotka and his Socialist Party henchmen have their way.

Pathetic really.

Meanwhile up in Scotland the latest issue of their boring rag The Socialist reports:

Leading Scottish trade unionists back TUSC

Not quite what happened.

John McInally, vice president of civil service unionPCS, explained that austerity was the only choice on offer from the capitalist parties - including the discredited Labour Party. "Labour is in long term crisis in Scotland, as we see by the resignation of Johann Lamont. If Blairite Jim Murphy is the answer to this crisis, we're asking the wrong question."

Cheryl Gedling, a member of the PCS national executive committee, chaired the meeting - which was also attended by leading members of the union's Scottish Committee. The leadership of left wing branches of public service union Unison, including Glasgow and Dundee, attended as well.

Both of these "leading trade unionists" are members of.. The Socialist Party. Surprise! Not.

As was most of the audience probably.

A self serving sect that wrecks whatever it touches.

PCS, the union they control along with their satraps is heading to collapse.

An alternative strategy to austerity?

They're having a laugh I tell you.

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