Saturday, 15 November 2014

The need for a national Kurdish Solidarity Campaign

This article originally appeared on Face Book earlier this week. Howie's Corner is committed to supporting the struggle of the Kurds and fully endorses the following motion.

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Why we need a national Kurdish Solidarity Campaign

By Pete Radcliff Nottingham Kurdish Solidarity Campaign

Passed at our meeting 11th Nov

The Nottingham Kurdish Solidarity Campaign believes that a national campaign needs to be built in the UK. Such a campaign could:

1) Organise national mobilisations and co-ordinate local actions nationally

2) Promote the widest possible political and practical solidarity immediately behind the forces fighting for freedom and democracy in Kobane and across Rojava against IS/ISIS.

3) Engage with national organisations such and trade unions and labour organisations

4) Better co-ordinate pressure on the UK government

5) In the longer term it might consider other acts of solidarity with those fighting against ISIS and campaign against the forces that are aiding this reactionary formation.

We also agreed to organise a day school on Saturday, Jan 17th. One of the things we will be discussing is the possibilities of acting on the above. If anyone or any campaign is interested in being involved please contact us

Nottm Kurdish-Solidarity

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