Monday, 17 November 2014

Left Unity Annual Conference: Listening to paint dry

Back in March the New Statesman carried an article in which the author one Salman Shaheen, a "speaker" for the then fairly new Left Unity Party gets somewhat exited and proclaims:

Labour must watch its left flank in months to come – new party Left Unity is on the move:

Left Unity is the hottest thing on the left right now. In a few short months, it has attracted more than 1,800 members. With a new member joining every 10 minutes over the weekend, the party is going from strength to strength.

That was then.

Since then Left Unity seems to have err..stalled somewhat, though new factions (they call them platforms) have appeared inside their organisation. And a varied lot they are indeed. One is heartily called the Libertarian Socialist Platform and proclaims:

The Libertarian Socialist Tendency believes that a new society cannot be based upon authoritarian institutions such as the state. Those campaigning against the ruling class need to develop their own organisations based upon workers’ self-management, co-operatives, federalism and grass-roots democracy.

Sort of Anarchists then. Oh well.

Meanwhile at the other end of Left Unity's political spectrum is one John Lubbock who believe it or not put up a motion to support ISIS as they are struggling against imperialism. (see Shiraz Socialist here).

The following video purports to show the debate but in fact shows the vote over the anti-imperialist motions on their agenda. The pro-ISIS motion got four votes. Four more than it should have.

What this video does show is that Labour has nothing to worry about from this useless bunch. 

The words "organise" "piss-up" and "brewery" come to mind but these tossers would probably say we're oppressing them in their "safe spaces".

Which reminds me I tuned in to their debate on "safe spaces", it had turned into a wee bit of a shouting session.

Back to the drawing board comrades.

Nil points.

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