Thursday, 13 November 2014

Galloway & Livingstone line up to defend Tower Hamlets shock!

The saga of the Tower Hamlets caliphate continues to make the headlines as the BBC reports:

Mr Galloway said there was a "witch hunt" against mayor Lutfur Rahman and that he was backed by residents.

Speaking to a crowd of about 1,000 people in Mile End, Mr Galloway said: "Just what exactly did mayor Lutfur do wrong?

Erm, where does one start exactly? 

Lets return to the BBC earlier in the month:

A report into allegations of fraud at Tower Hamlets Council reveals a "culture of cronyism", the government has said.

The investigation has prompted Communities Secretary Eric Pickles to send in three commissioners to work at the council for three years.

Auditors said the council grant system lacked transparency and some groups got cash without applying for it.

Then there's the elections... which will be subject to:

(a) court case - which does not yet have a start date - will hear:
  • Dozens of allegations of postal ballot fraud and of people pretending to be registered voters.
  • Claims that some votes for Labour were not counted properly by Tower Hamlets staff.
  • Alleged "treating" of voters to secure their support, which is forbidden under election law.
Some unnamed voters claim they were told at polling stations by the mayor's supporters: ''You must vote for Lutfur otherwise you are not a good Muslim.''

We won't mention the allegations of witness intimidation...

This and plenty more is available all over the Internet. A quick google will find everything you need to know but were afraid to ask. Some of the allegations remain allegations of course and will be subject to legal proceedings but there is certainly reason to be more than concerned about what has been happening in Tower Hamlets.

Oh and then there's the "Muslim" connection.

That's the reason the "gorgeous one" has put on his best hat and trundled off for another photo opportunity to defend "the religion of peace". After all any criticism of a Muslim is automatically "Islamophobic" to the anti-imperialist brigade.

Enter one Ken Livingstone and you get a picture that I can't reproduce due to copyright reasons of Ken Lutfur and George sitting in a row like the three stooges, except they are just not funny.

But down right dangerous.

The rally to defend Rahman attracted around a thousand people, which from the photos looked pretty much like they mostly came from the (male section) of (cough) one particular community.

Can't say more some bright spark might accuse me of a phobia of some kind.

Can't upset the PC brigade can we.

There is one religion from one section of society that is not allowed to be criticised.

Nor are any of it's adherents.

Makes one an racist apparently.

Trouble is the people who use this argument (and you know who you are comrades) don't extend this courtesy to anyone else. Jews, oh I mean Zionists, the ones that run a world wide conspiracy (ring Jerusalem 666 for further details) along with the pro-imperialist Kurds can be abused as much as you like.

That's not racist.......

Just anti-imperialism.

Meanwhile subject to further investigation and at least one court case, could it be the Caliphate of Tower Hamlets does have something to answer for?

Nah, not according to Ken & Georgie boy.

Like I'd ever trust their opinions on anything.

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