Sunday, 23 November 2014

It's not just ISIS but the Taliban, Boko Harem and others that need to be stopped

The fight against ISIS seems to have slipped from the news headlines for the moment but as the Kurds remain about the only people on the front line actually fighting these religious Nazi's, there are others around the world claiming to follow the "religion of peace" who commit the most heinous of acts.

Today the BBC reports:

A suicide bomber has killed at least 45 people at a volleyball tournament in eastern Afghanistan, officials say.

A spokesman for the governor of Paktika province told the BBC that the attacker had detonated the bomb amid a crowd of people gathering for a game.

About 60 people were also wounded in the bombing in Yahyakhail district.

Also just coming to light is the murder of fishermen in Nigeria:

Islamist militants from Nigeria's Boko Haram have reportedly killed 48 people in an attack on fish sellers near the border with Chad.

A fish traders' group said some victims had their throats slit whilst others were tied up and drowned in Lake Chad.

The attack took place on Thursday, but the news took several days to come to light because Boko Haram has destroyed mobile phone masts in the area.

It was the second major attack in two days by Boko Haram.

In Thursday's attack, the traders were on their way to Chad to buy fish when militants blocked their path near the village of Doron Baga, some 180km (112 miles) north of Maiduguri in Borno state.

Abubakar Gamandi, the head of the fish sellers' association, said the militants had used no guns.

"The attackers killed their victims silently without the use of the gun to avoid attracting attention from the multi-national troops," he told AFP news agency.

A silent murder in a country where school girls are kidnapped and enslaved by Islamists.

If that wasn't enough, there's Kenya. The Independent reports:

Terror organisation al-Shabaab have claimed an attack that killed 28 people on a bus in Northern Kenya.

Around 100 gunmen, who are believed to have travelled over the border in Mandera county from Somalia, took the bus off the road before separating the passengers.

It is believed they asked travellers to recite passages from the Koran, shooting dead those who were unable to prove they were practising Muslims.

I have to ask myself what kind of "God" would ask for such death in his name.

Not a "religion of peace" from where I'm sitting.

The world must wake up to the not so silent threat from these religious fanatics.


No, just standing for common human decency and the right to life.

Islamism is a threat whether the "anti-imperialist" so-called left like it or not.

Wake up. Support the Kurds, defeat ISIS. 

But don't forget the other threats, they are very real.

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