Saturday, 15 November 2014

The unacceptable face of Ken Livingstone

As the situation in Tower Hamlets continues to deteriorate, Ken Livingstone has made what must be the most unacceptable of suggestions as part of his campaign to back the Islamist Mayor Lutfur Rahman. The BBC reports

When these commissioners turn up, find out where they live and then have a peaceful demonstration outside their homes so their neighbours know that these are the type of people that turn out and overturn a democratically elected mayor.

"Make their lives intolerable. Fight them, expose them, make sure everybody knows what they're doing."

Find out where they live? Demonstrate outside their houses?

Sounds like intimidation to me.

And intimidation is one of the problems that keeps being alluded to whenever political intrigue arises in the Tower Hamlets caliphate.

Livingstone has been rightly condemned across the political spectrum and Labour has made it blatantly clear that he does not speak on behalf of them.

Nor does he speak for the vast majority of people in this country who prefer peaceful political debate and protest.

There is more than enough evidence in the reports to justify an investigation into the activities of Lutfur Rahman and his supporters.

Let the commissioners do their job and report back.

Let the courts rule on the allegations of electoral malpractice.

If Rahman has done nothing wrong he should not be afraid of the investigation and Livingstone's intervention doesn't help his cause such as it appears to be one jot.

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