Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sussex University reject ban on SWP

The Socialist Workers Party whose recent Internal Discussion Bulletin emphasised the "importance of working with students" faced a motion to ban them from Sussex University Student Union at an Emergency meeting called on Friday following the collection of 150 signatures.

The motion read:

The Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) have had numerous allegations raised that they have a systematic problem of rape, rape cover-up, and rape apologism in their party.

The Students’ Union Believes

1. The Union should take a stand against organisations that make women and survivors feel unsafe on campus.
2. The 'Socialist Worker’, the official newspaper of the SWP, should not be sold on campus, as its content is highly troubling and upsetting to women.

The Students’ Union Resolves

1. To remove any student organisation from the Union that fails to adhere to our Zero Tolerance Policy.
2. To not support the SWP and SWSS (Socialist Workers’ Student Society) and all officially affiliated organisations, through use of any union resources, included, but not limited to stands, printing, room booking services, or union rooms.
3. To refuse to stamp/authorise/print any SWSS posters, and to remove from the Union any such posters.
4. To strongly discourage SWSS and the SWP from holding events at Sussex, and discourage the advertising of any events on or off campus.

It should be made clear that this decision has been made as they make people feel exceptionally unsafe.

The motion was rejected 44 in favour, 141 against with 35 abstentions.

A victory for free speech and democracy but a clear warning to the SWP that their days of recruiting students (and anybody else) to their cult is going to be difficult, if not impossible. 

The remaining members of the Professors "Lynch Mob" are either at or heading to pension age which should see their demise in due course.

The sooner the better methinks.


  1. Hi Howard,

    Where did you get the figures from in this piece?

    Cheers, Mark

    1. Apologies due to the length of time since I published this post I have forgotten. Should have published a link at the time.

  2. No worries, thanks for the quick reply. If something jogs your memory give me a shout :)