Saturday, 22 November 2014

Censorship: A double warning from history

Freedom of speech is under constant attack at the moment from every quarter at the moment. The latest incidents include the banning of the Socialist Workers Party by Goldsmiths Students union, whilst the SWP themselves are using their so called Unite Against Fascism front organisation to try and ban Tommy Robinson, the former EDL leader (now "reformed") from taking part in a debate organised by the Oxford Union.

This month has seen feminists prevent a debate on abortion in Oxford and the University of West London banned a meeting to discuss the reach of extremist preachers following a report published by the secularist Sharia Watch group.

The common thread in these particular instances is that it is student and academic bodies that are promoting censorship.

Our seats of learning have become seats of censorship.

Unless you are a extremist Islamic preacher insisting on gender separation in meetings and promoting hate against gays, Jews and all other non-Muslims or indeed removing the rights of women.

Where are the protesters over this?


Only Islam(ism) is beyond censorship. That would be "Islamophobic" innit.

It's not so long ago the National Union of Students were refusing to back the Kurds for that very reason.

There is something seriously wrong with student politics today.

Remember the Nazi's:

And don't forget bloody communism either:

No difference in practise.

Defend free speech. Without out our freedoms are in danger!

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