Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The changing face of British politics

Since the Blair years British politics has frankly been quite boring. Men (and a few women) in grey suits all competing for what they see as the "centre ground" leading to almost indistinguishable policies and faces on our TV screens. 

Then came the expenses scandal. No party was exempt from criticism and the number of MPs and Peers of the realm caught with their hands in the national till was legion.

Duck ponds, moat cleaning, you name it our politicians claimed for it whilst at the same time telling the rest of us to grin and bear the cuts forced on the country by an international banking crisis.

We certainly don't appear to have all been in it together as Cameron tried to persuade us.

The MPs now have a 10% pay rise and some of them don't think it's enough. Greedy bastards!

As a result politicians have never been held in such low esteem by the public.

They've started looking elsewhere.

And that could cause a problem.

Nationalism has reared it's head in two forms. First UKIP have been gaining ground under the oafish Nigel Farage who seems to never be far away from a pint, something many voters, particularly men seem to relate to prattling on about bar level politics. 

"If only we weren't in Europe". "Those bloody foreigners taking our jobs" 

You know the sort. These types who prop the bar up all night sorting out the worlds problems whilst imbibing an ale or tow (or three or...)

Then there's the rise of Scottish Nationalism and the SNP.

"If not for the English." "It's our oil"

Propped up in bars themselves across the hostelries north of Hadrian's Wall. "Another pint of heavy pal" did I hear some say?

UKIP have won their first parliamentary seat and are on course for their second in the by-election due later this month whilst the SNP according to recent polls will win the bulk of seats in Scotland at the next general election.

Two conflicting nationalisms in one small island.

And what does the left have to say about this?

UKIP are "a bunch of racists", "fascists" whilst Scottish nationalism is somehow progressive.

Whatever happened to the description of the SNP as the "Tartan Tories"?

Meanwhile the bulk of the left outside the Labour Party continues to bleat on about "anti-imperialism".

"It's the fault of the Zionists". Supporting the Kurds is "Islamophobic". Holocaust memorial is too "euro-centric".

Fuck me can things get any worse?

Well yes.

Russell Brand the (quite unfunny) comedian has picked up a pen (when it should have been a bar of soap) and becomes a new apostle for something or another with a book that's probably going to make it to the new E-left book Club" run by...

George frigging Galloway of all people.

Not sure I'd actually describe him as being on the "left". Whenever I look at his laughably named Respect Party it reminds me of Mosley's New Party.

It's ultra-conservative amongst some sections of the Muslim "community" led by errant lefties from a variety of backgrounds with a focus on the "anti-Zionist" cause is certainly disturbing.

But then I'm not that left wing. If at all most of the time.

The next general election will be worth staying up all night to watch though.

Hope Galloway loses, can't stand the man.

What emerges from it is impossible to predict. seven months or so is a long time.

I'll be voting Labour, but Mr Miliband needs to pull his bleeding finger out..now.

The Tories, the Nationalists, the "anti-imperialist left" and others of their ilk are tearing this country apart.

We need a change, but the future looks far from being bright at all.

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