Wednesday, 25 February 2015

70 days and counting down.....


The last few days have proved quite interesting as the countdown to the General Election continues. Two MP's have managed to disgrace themselves through their unmitigated greed, though the Tory Malcolm Rifkind came off worst with his arrogant and selfish view that "people like him cannot be expected to live on £60,000 a year.

Really mate. I'd love to try myself.

It just showed the Tories have no bloody idea about how the rest of us live.

Nobody is against anyone making a decent living or even becoming rich, except perhaps the handful of remaining communists and their ilk*.

But open greed when so many are struggling to make ends meet, unable to rent or buy decent accommodation, choosing between heating bills and eating just isn't acceptable.

Mike Clancy, the General Secretary of Prospect writes:

When the Prime Minister declares that Britain needs a pay rise, you know an election must be around the corner.

David Cameron appeared to make a remarkable conversion when he told February's British Chamber of Commerce conference that "economic success can't just be shown in the GDP figures or on the balance sheets of British business but in peoples pay packets and bank accounts and lifestyle...put it simply Britain needs a pay rise.

This is very close to the TUC's campaign slogan "Brain needs a Pay Rise" so are we seeing a sudden outbreak of of economic consensus, heralding a new drive to tackle the depressed incomes of the last five years sadly not.

Sadly not indeed.

The frozen pay of millions of public sector workers, the proliferation of "Zero Hour" Contracts and basic wages below the "living wage" are not going to suddenly change just because the Prime Minister wants to be re-elected.

And as Mr Clancy points out:

To be fair, all the major political parties lack a coherent programme to redress the imbalance in the workplace, the erosion of workers voices and the decline of pay and employment conditions in the wider economy.

Quite right. So who do we vote for?

Now the Prospect has set up a dedicated website for members to follow the election at:

General Election 2015: Your Vote, Your Voice

A useful resource for all trade unionists.

Meanwhile over on the fringes of politics not all is well. The Green Party "speaker" spectacularly crashed at her Manifesto launch not knowing the answers to half the questions put to her.

And remember this was the divvy who thinks belonging to "terrorist organisations" shouldn't be illegal.


Then there's the question of "greedy MP's".

* Over at Tendance Coatsey our attention is drawn to a little omission by the comrades of the Socialist "Workers" Party who in their article neglect to mention that George Galloway of the misnamed Respect Party has the third largest income of any MP, over £300,000 on top of his job as a mostly absentee MP for the Bradford Caliphate.

If you remove Gordon Brown who came top but donates the lot to charity and good causes the gorgeous one is actually second on the "MP rich list"

The SWP of course are part of the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition, the far-left electoral front supported by the RMT Union (except for their President Peter Pinkney) who is a candidate for the Green Party), the Socialist Party and their Grandees in the declining PCS union.

How much does Comrade Serwotka pocket each year by the way? Anywhere near the "wage of an average worker?


Neither does his useless Assistant GS Chris Baugh who belongs to a (socialist) party that insists on the principle in it's Marxist programme.

Being a realist I know there's no perfect solution, no perfect alternative, but I do know we only have one choice if we are to even begin pushing back against the unfair society that the Tory/Liberal coalition have presided over.

Ignore the carpetbaggers, the sandal wearers and the Trots.

Vote Labour.

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