Friday, 20 February 2015

Bromley council to withdraw all trade union facility time

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In an astonishing attack on the fundamental right to organise and represent members in trade unions Tory controlled Bromley council is to withdraw all facility time for union reps.

This comes in advance of mass privatisation of Bromley council services.

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Local Unite representatives are circulating the following motion for your organisation to support and send messages of solidarity:

This meeting notes that:

Bromley Council has notified Unite that all trade union facility time is to be withdrawn. This appalling attack by the Tory Council is a political one aimed at attacking the organised worker opposition to its cuts and privatisation programme.

The Council is implementing a mass privatisation programme. The impact on staffing will be a reduction from 3000 to 300 employed staff. This programme is moving ahead with pace.

The Council have now announced cuts to essential car user allowance and pay increments. This follows the withdrawal from national pay bargaining.

This meeting agrees to:

Send a message of support to Bromley Unite members (please send

Send a message of protest to Bromley Council Leader ( and the Chief executive ( Please copy any messages to Kathleen smith.

Send a donation to the Bromley campaign fund

Support protests called by Bromley Unite

This represents a clear signal of what will happen to working peoples rights if the Conservatives win the next general election.

There must be no distraction from the need to work for a Labour victory.

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