Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Unite Against Fascism? A misnamed organisation if ever there was one...

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The growth of anti-Semitism in both this country and elsewhere has become a real problem which so many people are shy of confronting, especially if they are on the left.

The reason?

The bulk of anti-Semitism comes from substantial elements of the Muslim community, particularly the Hate Preachers and their apologists.

And the terrorists who attacked both Charlie Hebdoe and Lars Vilks made sure they attacked Jewish targets in tandem with their other atrocities.

Hence the deaths at a Kosher supermarket in Paris and a Synagogue in Denmark.

Where are the protests?

In an unrelated murderous spree three innocent Muslims were killed by a lone gunman in America.

The left, in particular the Unite Against Fascism organisation manged an emergency protest over this, yet fail to organise protests against Islamist anti-Semitic murders in either France or Denmark.

Call themselves anti-fascists do they.

Not from where I'm sitting.

The misnamed UAF (founded and run behind the scenes by the Socialist Workers Party) is organising a conference this Saturday to discuss amongst other things, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

Yet the session devoted to anti-Semitism does not have one Jewish speaker.

Not one.

Yet one of the advertised speakers for their Conference includes  a certain Azad Ali who once sued the Daily Mail for exposing his extremist links and lost.

Tells me a lot that does.

In fact the conference isn't really about anything else except  the far left vying with each other to say how much they are opposed to Islamophobia, especially those nasty Charlie Hebdoe people and why the "Muslim Community" should line up with their "anti-imperialist" agenda.

There's all the usual charmers present, Ken Livingstone (fan of "progressive" Cleric ,Yusuf Al-Qardawi"  Luftur Rahman (who is in trouble in his personal caliphate of Tower Hamlets),Weyman Bennet (SWP), Lindsey German (Stop the Western Democracies War Coalition) amongst others.

Why Gerry Gable of the long-standing Searchlight magazine is participating is beyond me.

Here's putting money on the fact that anti-Semitism amongst Muslims will either be ignored or laughed off as just "anti-Zionism" 

Certainly the rise of religious Islamist fascism will not be tackled.

And yet that is the most pressing problem faced not just in Europe but across the Middle East today.

Remember the 21 Coptic Christians beheaded just because they didn't believe in the "Religion of Peace".

Who exactly is exterminating the ancient Christian minorities in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere?

Peoples who lived there before the Arab/Muslim invasion of the area centuries ago?

Who will stand against anti-Semitism and the murder of Christians or Kurds.

Certainly not the UAF.

Their agenda is an anti-democratic one. A dangerous mixture of Islamism and Communism.

Put Human Rights before religious rights or ideology first.

All the time.

UAF are part of the problem and should be ignored by those seeking a solution to the rise of the new fascism. 

Religious fascism

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