Thursday, 5 February 2015

“Safe spaces” & anti-Zionism are the new fascism

Free speech is under constant attack these days. At least two student union bodies have “banned” Charlie Hebdoe as part of their nonsensically called “safe spaces” policy.  

Only a couple of days ago a comedy gig was cancelled at another university because some group of feminists decided they didn’t like the comediennes views on the sex trade and threatened to picket causing the organiser to pull the plug.

The irony being her show was actually about err… free speech.

What is it with students these days, have they completely lost the plot?

The actions of the pro-Hamas supporters at the LSE certainly would confirm that. Not content with peaceful protest, they set fire alarms off and conducted themselves in quite a thuggish fashion by all accounts. Not that anyone should be surprised.

Their placards “Free Gaza” seemed odd though. The enclave is controlled by the Islamist terrorist group Hamas with a growing ISIS presence as the recent kidnapping of a Dutch journalist would seem to indicate.

The demonstrators complain about the Israeli blockade, yet wilfully ignore the fact that the vast majority of Gaza’s border is with Egypt. Not only that the Egyptian army has been clearing a security zone around their border as it is strongly believed there are connections between hams and the growing Islamist threat in the Sinai peninsular.

Not a protest about that despite the demolishing of homes, the shooting of a youth.

The anti-Zionist/anti-Imperialist brigade maintain a silence.

Only if Israel acts against rocket attacks will the comrades and their Islamist allies come onto the streets.

Why is this?

I find it hard to accept that the so-called anti-Zionist brigade isn’t hiding something a bit more sinister.

Recent debates on Face Book led me to recalling an encounter some years back at a conference of the PCS union where a man sporting one of those trendy Palestine Solidarity Campaign badges stated without blushing that he “believed in the free movement of people except Jews”.

That’s right except Jews.

Now what part of that statement is not racist I ask you?

Say this about any other group and there would be a riot, but Jews” are different. Its ok to target “Jews” it would seem.

Even the lefty who had introduced me to this charming chap was embarrassed with that little outburst.

And I have been suspicious of the anti-Zionist “left” ever since.

Don’t’ even begin to mention Gilad Atzmon and the Socialist Workers Party..

I refuse to see “anti-Zionism” as a left wing current. They are now on the right.

The far right to be precise.

Have you seen these people demonstrate over the Assad regimes atrocities in Syria that cost a hundred times more lives than the Hams inspired war did? Do you see them outraged about ISIS and their mass murder, rape and enslavement of women. Boko Harem anyone?


They prattle on about the West, the democracies that give them the right to be wrong as the cause of the worlds ills.

Indigenous peoples and religions are quite capable of committing atrocities without outside help or influence you know.

Anti-Zionism and Anti-Imperialism are part of the problem not the solution.

It’s time for those of us who think differently to speak out and organise.

Time to stand up to the new fascists.

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