Tuesday, 3 February 2015

ISIS: Barbarity personified

The news that the criminals of ISIS burned the captured Jordanian pilot alive in a cage horrified me beyond words. No matter what other issues are on my mind I cannot but comment on anything else tonight.

I thought their beheading of helpless prisoners were depravity itself but this act?

Barbarity personified.

These are not the pious men of "god" that they claim. ISIS and their followers are just criminal murderers, rapists and slavers.

If the Muslim/Arab world wants to disassociate from these barbarians then it is they that should act, and act now or forever see a stain on their faith that causes more "offence" than any cartoon could possible do.

ISIS are a the real blasphemy, a blasphemy against humanity and common decency.

The world must act and act now.

And don't forget Boko Harem.

These "Islamist" criminals are killing people, black people whose lives are just as valuable as anyone else's and the world must help Nigeria, Chad and Niger.

Everyone must speak out now.

Forget the useless apologists of the Stop the war Coalition and all their pernicious so-called anti-imperialist friends on the far left.

Appeasers the lot of them.

Egypt has learnt that these organisations like Hamas cannot be reasoned with and have begun fighting back in a small way by isolating the terrorists in Gaza.

The world must rid itself of these evil men.

ISIS, Boko Harem, the Taliban, Hamas and their allies are nothing but criminals and terrorists.

Kidnapping school girls in Nigeria, attempting to assassinate a school girl in and murdering school children to genocide against Christians and Yazadi's in the Middle East and practising slavery on women for sex.

They are the new Nazi's.

And they must be defeated.

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