Monday, 23 February 2015

"Jihadi Brides" and Hate Preachers are products of religious fascism

The main story on the news today has been about the three schoolgirls who have buggered off to join a bunch of murderous thugs in the fascist enclaves know as the Islamic State.

The parents are reported as being "unaware" of how these girls got radicalised. Really?

All these families attend the East London Mosque which is notorious for hosting radical Islamist speakers. Hardly an institution of moderation.

These girls are not alone, several hundred young men and a few women have already departed these shores to go and join ISIS.

The organisation that we are told is nothing to do with mainstream Islam.

And yet just a few short steps from their homes, the Jihadist extremists have been preaching in East London.

Just where has this radicalism come from?

Anybody with half a brain and not blinded by misguided loyalty to a backward medieval faith could tell you.

And then there's the invitation of "Sheik" Haitham al-Haddad to speak at an event organised bythe University of Westminster Islamic Society.

He's a real charmer this one. The National Secular Society reports:

The Sheikh has a long history of articulating an extremely homophobic ideology. In an online article called "Standing up against homosexuality and LGBTs" he compared homosexuality with adultery, and said "Allah has ordained us to speak out" in order to "combat the scourge of homosexuality". He argued that homosexuality was a "criminal act".

He also used the article to praise the president of Liberia for "defending a law that criminalises homosexual acts" and commended "the many Christian bishops and ministers" who opposed equal marriage. He called on Christians "to refer back to the original teachings revealed by their creator, Allah" and said he prayed to Allah "to preserve this country from evil practices" and to "keep us steadfast in enjoining good and forbidding evil".

Al-Haddad has also been recorded discussing the "proper way" to conduct female genital mutilation, andsaid that domestic abuse should be sorted out between a husband and wife, because Islam "is looking for the bigger picture in order to keep the relationship between the husband and wife together."

So much for "safe spaces" so heartily promoted by today's student unions.

Only applies to secularists, readers of Charlie Hebdoe or the odd rugby player who's a bit drunk and leery.

Hate Preachers? That's fine it would seem.

Not very safe for Gays or women, which must account a large section of the student body.

And has no none rally noticed that the University is just about to host a huge Pride event with people coming from all over the country?

A deliberately provocative act by the Islamists hosting this fascist speaker.

The event must be peacefully picketed and the Islamic Students cordially invited to take up an equal opportunities course as part of their studies.

As an ex-student when it was called the Polytechnic of Central London I am ashamed that this institution has allowed itself to sink to this level.

The PCLSU had a policy of No Platform for Fascists.

I would have thought this fake Sheik fitted the bill.

There is a glimmer of hope though. Two thousand students have signed a petition against this charlatan preaching his evil message of hate.

Time for students to stand up against the real enemy. 

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