Sunday, 22 February 2015

Stop the War Coalition pickets US Embassy as Russia invades Ukraine

Stop the War Coalition

22 Feb / London / Protest: Stop Nato's War in Ukraine - Peace for the Donbass

There are times when the actions of the left/far-left beggar belief. The totally misnamed Stop the War Campaign along with the pro-Russian "Solidarity with the anti-fascist Resistance in Ukraine" have decided to respond to the annexation of Crimea and invasion of the Donbass region of the Ukraine by erm..picketing the US Embassy today.

Not the Russian Embassy, the American one.

Apparently this is a "NATO war", even though the only troops invading the independent nation of Ukraine are Russian.

Never has a political campaign been so misused. 

Well I suppose there is the Unite Against (certain types of) Fascism which has more or less the same participants and supporters which met yesterday in London allowing the comrades to stop over and mislead the public over yet another issue.

With these anti-imperialist types only the West is to blame, even where the evidence flies in the face of their nonsensical ideological outlook.

And ordinary trade unionists are helping to pay for this nonsense. Unite, PCS, UCU, CWU and others are paying towards supporting pro-Russian, pro-Putin aggression.

Russia is the aggressor.

The Stop the War Coalition is nothing of the sort.

Their leaders pick and choose which wars to oppose and which aggressors to cover for.

This organisation must be opposed.

The anti-imperialists cannot be trusted.

Trade Unionists must demand their unions cease funding this ridiculous outfit. 

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