Saturday, 7 February 2015

Galloway likes to "dish it out" but can't take the heat!

The fallout from George Galloway's latest appearance on Question Time continues. Galloway, a bombastic, rumbustious, opinionated and bulging with self importance is renowned for his loud and invective filled speeches that take no prisoners is protesting about the fact a few people gave him a hard time.

Poor man.

His appearance on the programme being broadcast from the middle of one of the countries largest Jewish communities attracted a lot of controversy. Galloway got into a lot of hot water for trying to make his fiefdom in Bradford an "Israeli free zone" so should have expected a little reaction from those who do not appreciate his one-sided view of the Middle East conflict.

There were protests to the BBC about Galloway appearing on the programme but due to the fact we live in a free society where free speech despite the efforts of some remains sacrosanct his rights were upheld.

However that does not mean he should get an easy ride.

And he didn't.

There was clear and vocal opposition to the man and his views, More than that they were expressed on a forthright manner.

But Galloway couldn't take it, claiming he was bullied.

A political charlatan by any other name.

Galloway can dish it out, but like most demagogic politicians can't handle opposition, especially when his own tactics are used against him.

Enter his supporters.

The George Galloway fan site Socialist Unity published a defence of the man by his occasional ally John Wight. Hardly a surprise.

Galloway's views are often published unchallenged on this so-called "socialist" website that advertises itself as a place for debate but bans detractors and opposition from opponents from posting comments there.

Wights piece attracted the usual suspects to back the (not so)  "gorgeous"one, However one comment disturbed me greatly. "Omar" wrote:

This show was A disgrace to democracy and stunk of being set up by The Jewish Lobby within the BBC, I demand A full investigation into the Production team and other involved.

Andy Newman, the sites owner did thankfully respond to this remark:

To be clear, there is no “Jewish lobby” within the BBC, and this is exactly the sort of language that can be interpreted as anti-Semitic.

"Can be"? Whilst I commend your response Mr Newman, the reference by "Omar" to "The Jewish Lobby" note, NOT the Zionist lobby is clear in it's intent.

Another of Galloway's fan club, "Moeen Khan" remarked:

George Galloway is a true civilized person speaks for humanity v/s criminal agenda, acts and policies of different states, corporates and media-regimes against the poor/innocents. Such a man deserves to be counted among the great people in the mankind’s history. I guess we’re lucky to witness one man’s power and greatness of truth against all those deliberations.

May he live by the truth.

Where to start?

Anyone forget Galloway's description of the murderous dictator of Iraq, a certain Saddam Hussein as "indefatigable"?

Then there's Galloway's previous work for the Iranian Government TV station Press TV. The Government that suppresses democracy, persecutes Baha'i, Christian preachers and hangs gays?

He still has a programme on Putin's  RTV, the "Pravda" of news.

Another country that has pushed back democracy and social justice with its persecution of gays. They recently banned "sexual deviants" (Gays, trans gender people) from even driving cars.

What is it with dictatorships and gays anyway?

And lets not forget annexation of Crimea and the continuing war in the Ukraine.

Galloway's pursuit of justice seems somewhat skewered from where I'm sitting.

And why does he appear on Question Time so often anyway. His minuscule "Respect" party is virtually non-existent anyway.

His blustering demagogy does not impress, but if the man can't take it back, he shouldn't dish it out.

Whatever Galloway has become he certainly isn't Rula Lenska's "pussycat".


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