Thursday, 26 February 2015

Cage & Counterfire exposed as the new far-right

The media has been full of stories tonight exposing the identity of mass murderer "Jihadi John, a former student at the University of Westminster, gang member and criminal as Mohammed Emwazi from London.

In a disgraceful press conference their spokesman described this psychopath as a "beautiful man" whilst John Rees one of the leaders of the Stop the War Coalition and member of the "far left" organisation Counterfire looked sympathetically on as Chair of this gathering of appeasers before the media.

Blaming everybody except the bleeding obvious, these "spokesmen" for a charity tried to suggest it's the security services and alienation that turned him this way.

Nothing to do with fundamentalist Islamism then?

You know a lot of people go through "alienated phases when they are young, usually turning to drink & drugs or just "dropping out.

The time has come for an investigation into the activities of this supposed charity.

And frankly the role of these "Islamic Societies" in our Universities should also come under scrutiny, not just by the student bodies or college authorities, but frankly the very security services these charlatans attack.

Lives are at stake. The proliferation of hate preachers and their ilk is a danger to us all.

The so called "left" needs to take a good look at itself and the activities of some of their comrades.

As far as I'm concerned Stop the War is on the far-right as is Counterfire. I refuse to recognise these groups as part of the progressive left.

The University of Westminster has sadly cancelled it's "hate-fest" with "Sheik" Haitham al-Haddad because of "security fears" and "increased sensitivity".

In plain English they've been rumbled.

The time has come to stand up to the new fascists as this Sky News reporter does with skill!

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  1. Very true. Let's not forget that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab - the "underwear bomber" had also been a head of the Islamic Society at University College, London. And I quote: "A 2008 CSC survey, Islam on Campus, discovered that students who are active in their university Islamic society (ISOC) were twice as likely as non-members to hold extreme views, including that killing in the name of their religion is justified. At least four individuals involved in acts of terrorism in the UK were senior ISOC members. Kafeel Ahmed of the Glasgow airport suicide attack was on the executive of Queen’s University Belfast ISOC. Waseem Mughal, convicted of inciting murder for terrorist purposes, ran the University of Leicester ISOC website. Yassin Nassari, convicted of possession for terrorist purposes, was president of the University of Westminster Harrow campus ISOC. Waheed Zaman, convicted for his role in the transatlantic liquid bomb plot was formerly the president of London Metropolitan University’s ISOC."