Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Holiday Interlude #1: Childrens TV programmes from the 60's & 70's

BBC 4 broadcast a wonderful little programme, From Andy Pandy to Zeberdee: The Golden Age of Children's TV. Full of memories for those of my generation it was indeed! You can still find this on BBC iplayer for the next three weeks or so.

Obviously it concentrated on the BBC's output reminding us of both the lunchtime fare from when we were really young and watched the likes of The Wooden Tops and my personal favourite Tales of the Riverbank. Then there were the late afternoon programmes including Blue Peter, Animal Magic (loved Johnny Morris) and John Cravens Newsround an attempt to get us kids involved in the news.

Being Christmas and a holiday I sat down and tried to remember some of the other programmes I watched, both from ITV and those that were imported. Who could after all forget Clarence the cross-eyed lion from Daktari:

Then of course there was ITV's attempt to compete with Doctor Who, The Tomorrow People which has one of the best theme tunes, like ever....

Then there was Children of the Stones, which was frankly quite scary....

Another favourite which if remember rightly was on at the weekends was Casey Jones. The Wild West and trains. What else could a young lad ask for!

Of course there were plenty of animal based programmes like Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Black Beauty (which was aimed at the girls, no I wasn't politically correct even back then!). There was also this little show; Flipper!

These are just a few of the programmes I watched as a kid.

I haven't forgotten the classic Gerry Anderson series either. You can find articles on them over at my other blog:

Gerry Anderson Comics from the Sixties (includes Joe 90 Video)

Stingray -The Comic (includes video)

Come back tomorrow for the next Holiday Interlude. 

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