Friday, 18 December 2015

"Red Ted" Knight rises from the grave

The election of Jeremy Corbyn has seen all sorts of long forgotten Trotskyist groups return from the primordial swamp they seemingly disappeared. They are now joined by Ted Knight who I had assumed had long departed the mortal plane.

The leader of Lambeth Council back in the eighties and known collaborator of Gerry Healy and his Workers Revolutionary Party cult has risen from the political grave to join Momentum, the new Militant Tendency being created to take over the Labour Party

The Times reports:

Mr Knight has this month attended two meetings of the Lambeth branch of Momentum the group born out of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership campaign. He said he canvassed zealously for Mr Corbyn. "I was once a parliamentary candidate in 1979 and he was my agent" he said but added they had not spoken recently.

Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London, is also a long standing friend of Mr Knight.

This comes at a time when Momentum are active in Lambeth Momentum are looking to deselecting agitating against local MP Chuka Umunna.

Knight built a "fiefdom" in Lambeth that led to a disastrous confrontation with the Thatcher Government and saw the Labour councillors surcharged. Peter Mandelson described him in no uncertain terms:

You couldn't find a nastier, more divisive figure than Ted Knight.

Meanwhile Jon Lansman, the founder of Momentum has suddenly had to face up to the fact there is something seriously wrong in the group he has founded and commented on their Facebook page:

I am quite disturbed by some of the the conversations in this forum. They certainly do not conform to the code of ethics...of fair, honest debate not personal attacks or harassment.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee Mr Lansman. You have helped create a monster that is seriously out of control.

The politically un-dead are on the march.


  1. I seem to remember you, in bemoaning the gradual takeover of the British university system by Islamists (see, I can spin and distort as well as you), saying that you were once a student. You clearly never learnt how to form a strong, evidence based argument or objectively evaluate the facts. Perhaps higher education was as wasted on you as much as it is wasted on the precious little dahlings who form safe spaces and spin the intersectional dialectics to silently suppress free thinking (I happen to agree with you on that one to be fair).

  2. Sometimes just taking the piss on a Friday night helps. Perhaps I read too many comics (well yes I do). To be honest I didn't even know Ted Knight was still alive and kicking. Hence the undead theme. Works for me. G'night.