Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The end (of the year) is nigh!

As 2015 comes close to it's inevitable end I thought some musings on the past year would be appropriate tonight. Most of you will be partying hard tomorrow and recovering on New Years day so here we go.

There have been some horrific events around the world. The genocidal maniacs of ISIS have been enslaving, raping and murdering minorities in particular Yazadi's whilst the world has failed to act. Even history has not been safe from these barbarians as they destroy priceless historical monuments in Syria and Iraq in an attempt to wipe out anything that contradicts their twisted religious fervour.

A Year Zero.

Something we have seen before in our lifetimes when Pol Pot did the same thing in Cambodia that time in the name of the false prophets of Marxism. Even the possession of a pair of glasses could see you shot as the new order was built on a pile of skeletons.

Only war with Vietnam brought that particular horror to an end.

And whether the false voices of anti-imperialism like it or not, ISIS will and can only be stopped by the use of military force. Standing aside is not an option as the world dis when the Tutsi's were massacred in what can only be described as a backward act of sheer barbaric tribalism led to the murders of a million or more men, women and children.

There are some hateful people, violent and oppressive theologies, ideologies and governments on this planet we all share.

Mankind has far to go before it raises it's collective head out of the primitive mire that most of the world revels in.

Too much hate, too much oppression.

And far too many righteous people who think they have the answers whether it be religion or politics. Currently Islamism has replaced Communism as the world's bogeyman and it is no "cold war" this ones hot and the enemy is both within and without along with their appeasers which seems to be most of the declining Marxist left.

Their modern texts have replaced the word "workers" with "Muslims" and given the followers of Islam identity as a "race" rather than a theology, adapting it as a means with which to browbeat Western Democracy and freedom.

Some do stand up against this trend like Marynam Namazie, herself of communist persuasion but persecuted nonetheless for daring to be an ex-Muslim and stating her reasons. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Irshad Manji and Anne Marie Waters are all strong women who refuse to bow to the Islamo-fascist trends appeased by the left.

Their political ideas are from across the political spectrum but they have one thing in common. The defence of human rights, in particular women's rights and the one thing that the totalitarians fear most of all.

Free speech.

Without this basic right then all others will fall since there would be silence in the face of oppression.

And yet the spoilt brats that inhabit the student unions of our universities threaten our future by claiming their ideas cannot be criticised as it is "oppressing" them. Any slight to their hegemony is seen as a "micro-aggression" or worse that sees the perpetrator banned from campus whilst bruised egos watch puppy videos in their "safe spaces", areas where their ego's cannot be challenged.

The sight of LGBT students defending the aggressive stance of the Islamic Society in Goldsmiths simply beggars belief. Do they not realise they will be thrown off of tall buildings (as we lack mountains) if these censorious religious fanatics had their way?

Over the holidays we have discovered that in Somalia and Bahrain it was not possible for Christians to openly celebrate their festivals because it is "un-Islamic according to some dotty intolerant clerics. Of course it's "un-Islamic". It's Christian. No Muslim is forced to celebrate the festival, but in Bahrain Christians are subject to Sharia laws, religious laws imposed by the words of men acting in the name of a non-existent "god".

Now as New Year approaches Hamas who run a terrorist fiefdom in Gaza have banned Palestinians from celebrating. It's erm.."un-Islamic to live in the twenty-first century. Of course it is. Hamas is an Islamist organisation seeking not to liberate Palestine as the fools of the left seem to think, but to impose their version of a Medieval Caliphate on the Middle East that would be no different to ISIS except the victims would be Jews.

The need for a secularism, the separation of the state and religion has never been more pressing along with religion being reformed to eschew violence. Islam in particular has an embedded article of oppression and domination in their it's teachings and practises.

No doubt some potty-mouthed lefty will accuse me of so-called Islamophobia, a meaningless term
mis-used to the extreme. I was never accused of "communistophobia", not that there is such a word but I stand firm and fast against all ideologies and theologies that seek to control us with the penalty of incarceration or death if I do not respect or obey their proclamations.

Our hard won freedoms are under assault from all corners and the defence our the right to speak out and criticise those who would seek to silence us should be at the centre of political discourse.

I don't intend to be silenced, neither should any of us.

There is a future to win.

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