Saturday, 12 December 2015

Stop the War Coalition purge their website

Over the past few weeks the thoroughly mis-named Stop the War Coalition has come under intense scrutiny as their real views a re exposed to the world.

Not anti war, but anti-West, violently anti-Israel and pro-Putin, pro-Islamist.

The warning signs have been obvious for a long time, but even the left should have been concerned by John Rees agreeing to chair a press conference for CAGE who described mass murderer "Jihadi John" as a nice man.


The face of modern so-called "anti-imperialism".

Suddenly a number of their posts have been taken down from their hate website.

The first post blamed Western governments for the terror attacks that killed 130 people in Paris last month.

This began with the infamous article by Matt Carr who likened Jihadi's to the International Brigades who fought against the rise fascism in Spain in the thirties
Now the comrades have started purging other material that might will discredit them. These include:

Time to go to war with Israel as the only path to peace in the Middle East

Paris reaps whirlwind of western support for extremism in the Middle East

Missing Facts of the 1972 Munich Massacre: Israeli's weren't the only victims

Charming people.

And yet Jeremy Corbyn still insists on siding with these disreputable activists.

It should be remembered that the Stop the War Coalition was set up by an alliance of the far-left (in particular the SWP) and the Islamists of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB). Today the main leaders  of the StWC, John Rees, Lyndsey German and Chris Nineham are in a breakaway organisation from the SWP called Counterfire.

Counterfire is an avowedly revolutionary Marxist organisation that seeks the revolutionary (read violent) overthrow of capitalism (read democracy).

The StWC can take down as many of it's hateful pieces as it wishes. It doesn't mean that this organisation has changed it's mind. Far from it. 

They simply hide their real views from view.

Stop the War isn't fooling anyone any more. They are not pro-peace and they are not anti-war.

Just anti-democratic.

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