Saturday, 26 December 2015

It's Christians not Muslims who face persecution

Every time I open the paper or log on the Internet there is some perceived slight against Islam that attracts the accusation of "Islamophobia. At the same time there are 52 Muslim countries working to introduce a world-wide blasphemy law to prevent any such criticism ever taking place.

There was even a story about a Muslim family being prevented from travelling to Disneyland for "no apparent reason. Except there were one or two little things that have come to light since Stella Creasy wrote to the US Embassy protesting at their exclusion. The Business Insider reports:

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood and his family were probably prevented from boarding a plane to Disneyland at Gatwick airport last week because a Facebook page linked to his address contained positive references to Al Qaeda and the Taliban, and because his brother was previously prevented from entering Israel.....

CBS also said, "A DHS source tells CBS News that one of the brothers was refused entry into Israel two years ago." The BBC reported that UK officials stopped the family from boarding after they received a call from Washington, D.C.

Mahmood's sister-in-law, Sadaf Mahmood, told London's LBC that one member of her family had previously been detained in Israel.

This morning The Times reported (no link £) that:

Muslims are boycotting the country's anti-radicalisation...after it emerged that less than a tenth of extremism tip-offs were coming from the community or faith leaders.

Apparently they think it's "racist".

Since when was Islam a race? 

Islam is just a set of (man-made ideas) just like Communism. While the threat from the latter has declined, it has risen from the growth of extremism within Islamic circles and the "Muslim community" must take ownership of the problem.

They cannot scream wolf whilst allowing such elements to thrive hidden and protected within their ranks. So many Mosques and student Islamic so cities host speakers that are anti-Semitic, misogynist and violently homophobic. Protected by their allies in the left/liberal establishment they lay claim to a false victim hood.

The reality is that Islam is the oppressor and there are Christians all over the Muslim world who are not only NOT afforded the rights Muslims have here in our democratic society but face daily persecution, rape and death.

Its not just ISIS. It happens in Egypt where the large Coptic Christan population is constantly under siege by Islamist thugs with girls being kidnapped, forcibly converted and married  to Muslim men in a growing number of cases over the years.

In Pakistan ridiculously draconian "blasphemy" laws have seen mob rule when some local Mullah decides to make his name or a a Muslim man wants to rid himself of a debt through accusations that lead to lynching and violent murder.

Actual cases reported by the Gatestone Institute include:

Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five, has been on death row since 2010 because a Muslim woman, apparently with a personal vendetta against Bibi, accused her of speaking blasphemy against the prophet of Islam, Muhammad. "She could be killed by any inmate or even a prison guard," said an official. "She was vomiting blood last month and was having difficulty walking."

Saddique Azam, a Catholic teacher and headmaster at a primary school in a small village, was beaten and tortured by a group of Muslim teachers who resented being under the authority of an "infidel."

Nabila Bibi, a Christian woman who was engaged to a Christian man, was abducted, forcibly converted to Islam, and forcibly married to a Muslim man.

And since it is the Christian festival of Christmas as I write, it should not be forgotten that there are places in this world where the holiday cannot be practised:

The Times reported on Christmas Eve that:

Brunei threatened to imprison for up to five years anyone who celebrated the Christian festival in public... Somalia's leading clerics issued a similar edict in 2013 which they re-iterated yesterday. Sheik Mohamed the religious affairs Minister said that "all events related to Christmas and new year celebrations are contrary to Islamic culture".

As is tolerance it would seem. Try selling Bibles in Saudi Arabia. Like atheists the purveyor of such literature would be treated as a terrorist under their draconian laws.

The growing intolerance of Islam in the modern world must be combated through reason and reform. perhaps they would like to take a lesson in tolerance from Israel, home of the other religion that attracts Islams ire.

The only place in the Middle East where it's safe to be a Christian.

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