Friday, 4 December 2015

Now Goldsmiths students demand video of Islamist thuggery is taken down

The controversy over the actions of student activists at Goldsmiths Students Union continues as they demand the video of the meeting which exposes the bully-boys of the Universities Islamist contingent is taken down.

Maryam Namazie has received a message from the students union which states:

I’m disappointed and concerned to see that the video you have posted of you speaking at the event at Goldsmiths hosted by Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society and entitled: Apostasy, blasphemy and free expression in the age of ISIS’ has still not been removed.

A number of students have complained about the video as their consent to be filmed was not asked at the start of the meeting by your camera-operator and this is now viewable on a public website. This is very distressing for these students and we therefore ask that this video is removed from your site as a matter of urgency.

Again, I would appreciate a response asap so I can reassure students that action is being taken. Thank you.

As expected Maryam has basically told these stupid children to sod off.

Good for her!

Censorship in the age of social media is something these self indulgent and wrong minded individuals should note is just not going to happen. Their actions are a matter of public interest and these bullies and their allies need exposing.

I have previously published material from Goldsmiths misnamed "Feminist" Society who are "in solidarity with these fascists. You will be appalled to learn that the LGBTQ+ society has joined them and says:

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Can we remind these people that their freedoms would be seriously and violently suppressed under the kind of theology they are showing misplaced "solidarity" with.

Free speech must be defended. The "offending" video is shown below. It's quite long but you can fast forward to the scenes of childish and misogynist behaviour of the Islamists.


Universities are for learning which requires an open mind.

These "wadicals" and reactionaries have found common cause to try and suppress those with whom they disagree.

Free speech is the foundation of all democracy. Defend it, don't lose it! 

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