Saturday, 5 December 2015

Stop the War Coalition moves to the far-right

Stop the War Coalition

Not so long ago John Rees one of the leaders of the so-called Stop the War Coalition disgraced himself by chairing the press conference of CAGE, a pro-Islamist organisation which called the mass murderer "Jihadi John" (now thankfully deceased) a "nice man".

The StWC is a collection of political charlatans and misfits who have variously backed Assad, Putin and Hamas so long as they suit their anti-Western democracy agenda.

Now they have turned their attention to the intervention of the UK against ISIS, the genocidal Islamo-fascists who are murdering, raping and enslaving across swathes of the Middle East.

The StWC have posted an article on their website written by Mat Carr which states:

To evoke the international brigades in support of Cameron’s bombing campaign requires real audacity, bad faith, and an indifference to history or the political realities of the 21st century. Benn does not even seem to realize that the jihadist movement that ultimately spawned Daesh is far closer to the spirit of internationalism and solidarity that drove the International Brigades than Cameron’s bombing campaign – except that the international jihad takes the form of solidarity with oppressed Muslims, rather than the working class or the socialist revolution.

A WTF moment if there ever was one.

The International Brigades fought against fascism.

Stop the War doesn't.

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  1. Jesus Christ! Such comments are anathema to all genuine democratic socialists and critics of the West's foreign policy, myself included.