Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Anarchist folly in Calais

"Circle-A" anarchy symbol

With the migrant crisis being at the forefront of so many peoples minds as we prepare for the referendum on membership of the European Union we could do without this:

Migrants and British Anarchists clashed with riot police in Calais yesterday as French officials prepared to evacuate part of the camp.

(The Times, no link£)

If anything this kind of action will turn many voters against the EU and only help in the rise of xenophobia that has grown across a wide spectrum of opinion in Europe, let alone Britain.

At the same time the sight of migrants attempting to smash through border fences on the Greek/Macedonian border will only assist those who wish to undermine Europe.

The migrant crisis has to be tackled urgently, but the infantile behaviour of the anarchists, who frankly act more like nihilists these days will not help anyone and is more likely to cause more ill-feeling than previously seen.

Way to go "comrades". Help the far-right won't you.


  1. So, the migrant camp gets destroyed, police fire tear gas into people's homes and treat them brutally and you bleat on about "anarchist violence"? You poor sad man.

  2. They are being relocated and don't need to be there. Anarchist or rather nihilist interference has exasperated the situation unnecessarily. I have seen "Anarchists" cause deliberate mayhem on marches so don't expect any sympathy from me "comrade". Their actions have not helped one bit.