Monday, 21 March 2016

Socialist Fight: Leaving reality behind

The minuscule organisation Socialist Fight (membership 3) has never had so much publicity in it's existence following Gerry Downing's record double expulsion from the Labour Party.

And guess what? It's all the Jews Zionists fault...

Ian Donovan writes:

The witchhunt against Socialist Fight, orchestrated by the Tories, the Labour Friends of Israel and other Zionists and warmongers or capitulators to such, is quite a compliment to our politics.

Err actually it's not. Everyone thinks you are stark raving mad.

Donovan continues:

The re-expulsion of Gerry Downing from Labour has brought out the latent Islamophobia, pro-imperialism and softness on Zionism and other forms of imperialist racism of some on the left in Labour.

This apparently includes the new darling of the left Owen Jones:

Owen Jones’ attribution of ‘anti-Semitism’ to us stems in fact from his own opportunism towards chauvinist and racist sentiments, not his antipathy to them.

Oh well Owen probably won't lose any sleep over that assertion.

Meanwhile Donovan turns his attention to Andrew Coates and Jim Denham who produce two excellent albeit left-wing blogs that actually take anti-Semitism seriously, don't capitulate to the clerical fascism that the majority of the left does and campaign for Kurdish Freedom, women's rights and defence of the Yazadi's against genocide.

Makes them OK in my book, but for Donovan and his Socialist Fight triumvirate they become:

..cynics and delusional Zionist right-wingers. Denham defines anti-Semites as those who do not defend Israel within its 1967 ‘borders’.

Crikey! Condemned for saying Israel has a right to exist.

And finally for some reason even I have attracted Donovan's ire:

...Denham and Coates, not to mention Owen Jones, are too blinded by their softness on Zionism to even endorse that. They simply side with Cameron, the CFI, LFI and the entire racist Zionist establishment. In the case of Coates and Denham, their political future is shown by a welcome guest on their blogs, one Howard Fuller, who claims to be a ‘progressive’ but in fact is a right-wing, pro-war enemy of Labour democracy, who openly advocates the expulsion of all leftists, including the AWL, from the Labour Party! By your friends we shall know you!

Hopefully the Labour Party compliance unit has Mr Donovan in their sights. He's in Croydon Labour Party by the way.

Where there be witches!!

Which reminds me it appears a certain little oik from Brighton has just been suspended from Labour. Expect a rant from a certain Mr Tony Greenstein sometime soon......

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