Sunday, 13 March 2016

Serwotka follows Lenin's dictum for Labour


After decades of undermining the Labour Party at every turn Mark Serwotka, the vainglorious General Secretary of the PCS has joined the party to assist in helping the Corbynistas to "deselect" (purge in plain English) what he describes as "Blairite" MPs. In other words those with whom he and his fellow Trots do not agree with.

It's no wonder sitting MPs and long term activists were appalled by the remarks of this "johnny Serwotka-come-lately". The Daily Mirror reported:

Labour MP John Woodcock said they were a “slap in the face” to everyone who had fought so hard for a Labour government.

Serwotka claims that "there is no point in joining a political party unless you can change it's representatives" . Possibly true but after just a few days? Get a grip "comrade".

Whilst the existing Labour Party membership has been campaigning on the doorstep to actually get the Tories out, Mar Serwotka has spent his time calling for and helping to build an alternative party to Labour. Variously Respect (with George Galloway & the Socialist Workers Party), a short lived SWP breakaway from Respect whose name escapes me and more recently the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) run by the Socialist Party who just happen to control the PCS union in alliance with the SWP.

None of these organisations represent the aspirations of British workers. Far from it. Both Respect and the SWP follow a pro-Islamist agenda. The Socialist Party was formerly inside the Labour Party and called itself the Militant Tendency. It's activities along with the fore-runners of today's Corbynistas made labour unelectable.

Now all these people are trying to get in on the act.

The Trots like McDonnell who according the Sunday Times "joined Labour as a tactic" have their own political agendas. Serwotka certainly has. It was interesting to note his recent BBC interview took place in a bookshop in Bloomsbury.

That would be Bookmarks owned by the Socialist Workers Party. 

Or what's left of it following their disastrous splits over the "comrade delta" scandal. Frankly I'm astonished anyone would allow themselves to be associated in any shape or form with Alex Callincos's "lynch mob".

Let alone the leader of Britain's fifth largest union.

But then Lenin had words for his followers in Britain when he sought to affiliate his Communists to Labour. They should support Labour "like a rope supports a hanged man".

Victims of communist purges

Says it all really and why the McDonnells, Downings and Serwotkas of this world cannot and should never be trusted.

His own union has declined in size and influence in recent years including not just members leaving but organised splits resulting in the creation of two new unions, one of which represented a whole department.

Serwotka has nothing to bring to the table except further division. His blinkered fundamentalism is as shallow as those who once treated him as the trade union movements "new messiah".

Serwotka has proved to be a very false "messiah" indeed.

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