Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Expel Gerry Downing from the Labour Party

There is growing concern about the presence of Gerry Downing a member of the tiny Socialist Fight organisation inside the Labour Party. Socialist Fight is the British section of one of the several organisations that describe themselves as the Fourth International. In this case the Liaison Committee for the Fourth International (LCFI).

Apparently Labour's National Executive Committee has allowed him to be re-instated as a party member despite being openly a member of a rival political party (for constitutional purposes it's minute size is not relevant).

Downing's political views are not only questionable but unsavoury to say the least. His obsession with the "Jewish question" particularly disturbing and more so since Ian Donovan joined his little coterie.

Donovan was expelled from the Communist Party of Great Britain (Weekly Worker) as they considered "anti-Semitism" incompatible with party membership. He wrote:

For without the Zionist project, the Jewish-Zionist bourgeoisie, which is a key component of the vanguard of world capital, would have no unifying ethos to hold it together. This may be a vanguard, class conscious formation, but it is fragile. Without the Zionist project as a unifying focus, it would over time dissolve through assimilation into the various imperialist bourgeoisies.

International Jewish-Zionist conspiracy anyone?

Where have we heard that one before.......

Socialist Fight/LCFI (proprietor Gerry Downing) also has made the following remark about ISIS, that genocidal clerical-fascist movement currently murdering and enslaving women across Syria and Iraq:

We defend the ‘Islamic State’ in Syria and Iraq against the bombing of US imperialism....

Jeremy Corbyn remains silent despite Downings tweet (pictured at the top of this post) which includes the following:

The role Zionists have played in the attempted witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign is glaringly obvious… Since the dawning of the period of neo-liberal capitalism in the 1970s, elements of the Jewish-Zionist bourgeoisie, from Milton Friedman to Henry Kissinger to the pro-Israel ideologues of the War on Terror, have played a vanguard role for the capitalist offensive against the workers.”

Obsessed with Jews this man/group seem to be. There's more:

I invited Ian Donovan to join Socialist Fight because I studied the dispute he had with Weekly Worker and Jack Comrade and Moshe Macover in particular and concluded the Ian was correct in that and they were wrong and were distorting his views. In fact he was talking a very courageous stance against the liberal Zionism of the soft left in Britain and globally.

Labour needs to act against the influx of these dodgy far-left activists now. They have no place in the Labour and trade union movement.

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