Tuesday, 29 March 2016

United Nations of dictators?

Following the end of the second world war great hope was given to setting up a body that would bring together nations to try and sort out the world's problems and possibly, just possibly do something for human rights given the savagery that had just engulfed the world.

That was then.

These days the United Nations is nothing more than a talking shop to cover the backsides of dictatorships and clerical fascists.

The so-called Human Rights commission is led by none other than the gender apartheid state of Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to drive. In fact they are hardly able to do anything without their husband or male guardians permission and to enforce this the Saudi's have their own religious Gestapo or "police" as they are laughingly called.

Other nations such as Cuba, Russia, Venezuela lock up their critics or "quietly disappear" them.

What happens when someone tries to raise the question of Human Rights in countries that don't have them?

This video from UN Watch shows you what a farcical body the United Nations is.

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