Monday, 28 March 2016

Labour: Another so-called "anti-Zionist" crosses the line

More trouble for the Labour Party as they are forced to suspend Bob Campbell for suggesting "that Mossad the Israeli intelligence runs ISIS and was behind the Brussels bombings". This is a conspiracy theory that simply goes too far and yet he found some supporters.

On Facebook a typical response of the anti-Israel brigade came from John McAuliffe who defended Campbell and accused Zionists in the Labour Party of witch-hunting him for his "anti-Zionist views".

When challenged by a comment which simply read "Blatantly daft idea anyway that Israel runs ISIS he ran this disingenuous and rather telling reply:

It isn't daft. There's just no proof. We all know countries back rebel and terror groups all the time. It's a fact. 

Typical of the anti-Zionist brigade. An assertion without proof can be true.

This is when anti-Zionism crosses the line of no return.

With a leader like Corbyn who courts Hamas as "friends" despite their genocidal aim of wiping out the Jews (note not Israeli's) using a quote from the Koran to justify their racism then it is no surprise that these unsavoury types have found a home in Labour.

Even John McDonnell has been forced to condemn anti-Semites saying they have no place in Labour.

There seems to be some confusion over whether Campbell has been suspended. The Sunday Times reported he was but in the Independent he denies it.

However there is no doubt that Campbell should be suspended and booted out like Downing and Kirby before him.

Anti-Zionism IS the new anti-Semitism. 

The time to pretend it isn't is now over. Along with anti-imperialism, the so called anti-war movement and the safe spacers anti-Zionism is part and parcel of the new left wing fascism polluting our politics.

The time for a new rational and secular left defending human rights and free speech has never been greater.

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