Friday, 25 March 2016

Holiday Interlude #1: Classic American Comedy TV Shows

Whether you are celebrating Purim, Easter or just enjoying the long weekend I thought it time for a quick break from the ever nasty world of politics and take a trip down memory lane. Last week I posted an article about Get Smart over at my other blog Howie's World of Comics and that got me thinking about other old classic US comedy shows that I used to watch when I was..... err, much younger.

First of all here's a clip from Get Smart itself which was a spoof on all the secret agents that were the rage back in the sixties.

Next up is The Dick Van Dyke Show co-starring the wonderful Marty Tyler Moore who went on to have a very similar show of her own.

And who can forget Hogan's Heroes! Particularly loved this show. Remember Sergeant Schultz?

John Banner as Schultz.jpg
By Source, Fair use

And last but by no means least was I Dream of Jeannie featuring the late great Larry Hagman in his pre-Dallas days starring with the gorgeous Barbara Eden.

Hagman wearing a cowboy hat 
CC Wikipedia

Why he never chose Jeannie was beyond me..

Hope these short clips brought back some memories or if you are too young to have seen these on the telly it's encouraged you to see some of these episodes on You Tube!


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