Thursday, 31 March 2016

Stop the Genocide: Write to your MP today!

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Time to Act.

Since mid-2014 ISIS has been conducting a well-documented campaign of terror across Syria and Iraq against minority groups such as Christians, Yazidis and Shias.

The scale and horror of these atrocities clearly meets the United Nations definition of genocide but neither the UN or UK Government has yet to accept this fact.

With your help the Stop the Genocide campaign will change this.

For the international community to adequately respond to the tragedy unfolding in the Middle East it must first accept the reality of what is taking place.

That is why your support for the Stop the Genocide campaign is so important. Stand up for those without a voice by completing the petition form today.

Send a letter to your MP here:

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"The so-called Islamic State abducted an estimated 5800 women and children. They have killed many in Iraq and Syria and millions of people have been displaced. They slaughtered Yazidi men and kidnapped the women and children, taking them to camps and sex slave markets in Syria and Iraq. This genocide, rape and forced displacement is all being done in the name of Islam."

Full article at: Kurdish

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