Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Corbyn and the Referendum: Letting the side down... as always

The media, especially on the TV is concentrating on just one issue. The referendum. Tomorrow voters will go to the polls in their droves (or so we are led to believe) with a high turnout possibly around the 80% level. Whether that turns out to be correct remains to be seen.

Despite the manic approach of the Brexit and Remain camps to garner peoples votes there remain more than a few undecided voters even at this late stage. The City seems to be gambling on a "Yes" vote. Perhaps they know something we don't. The race remains close, far too close for comfort.

The stakes are high and feelings running wild as poll approaches. The campaign has already cost one life, that of Jo Cox MP which shocked both sides, though the far-right attempted to take advantage of this by presenting her murderer as a martyr.

This is a disturbing trend upon which I have already commented (see post below) yesterday and yet another Labour Remain MP has received death threats. The Guardian reports:

Yvette Cooper has said that she has informed police and Twitter about a tweet in which a user threatened to kill her children and grandchildren.

The Labour MP, who has been campaigning for a remain vote in this week’s EU referendum, posted an image on Tuesday of the tweet, which was sent from an account which had been suspended on Tuesday night and accused her of issuing propaganda.

Meanwhile despite the gravity of the situation and huge risks for ordinary working people Jeremy Corby has refused to join the Prime Minister in a joint appearance to promote the Remain campaign.

Jeremy Corbyn declined to appear with David Cameron and Tim Farron at a planned eve-of-referendum rally that the Remain campaign hoped would be a display of cross-party unity in support of the EU....

Corbyn’s team insist they were merely being consistent in sticking to their publicly stated policy of not having the party leader appear on the same platform as prominent Tories during the EU referendum.

This from a man who quite happily shares platforms with Hamas and Hezbollah which are nothing more than anti-Semitic terrorists and appears on the Iranian clerical fascists propaganda channel Press TV

Corbyn does not understand the difference between democratic and anti-democratic politics.

The Times (no link£) reported yesterday that:

Jeremy Corbyn has said that he would refuse to take any blame should Britain vote to leave the European Union as he declared that he was not a lover of the bloc.

As if that's a surprise. In the past he has always opposed the EU as he has NATO or anything else that helps maintain this country's economic and military security.

Further given his propensity to throw a tantrum every time he has his ideas challenged. Corbyn has lived in a closeted little world where he's only ever interacted with those who agree with his general political direction.

Corbyn has no idea of the concept of responsibility.

Neither have his supporters.

The future of this country is at stake and at a time when we needed a strong Labour leader Corbyn has let the side down.

As he always will, weak and foolish man that he is.

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