Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Corbyn loses No Confidence vote

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The news that Labour MP's have voted for the "No Confidence" motion in a ballot comes as no surprise. There were a few more than expected, though sadly some MPs didn't vote at all. This includes some members of Corbyns own new Shadow Cabinet members. Hedging their bets against the inevitable backlash from the far left who were represented by newcomer and former vociferous opponent of the Labour Party, Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the unaffiliated PCS union on Sky TV.

Yesterday Corbyn addressed several hundred of his "supporters", many of whom were from outside political organisations such as the Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Party and even the quite mad Spartacist League.

The rally organised by the new Militant Tendency known as Momentum attracted the worst types of the left imaginable and is precisely the reason why the Corbyn project is dangerous and is dooming the Labour Party to failure. They will be organising on the ground to cajole and bully Constituency Labour Parties to remove dissident MP's (the bulk of the Parliamentary Labour Party) and replace them with "yes" men (and women) from the left who will be expected to toe the line of the activists rather than represent their constituents.

Corbyn remains at the time of writing unmoved and tries to reject the legitimacy of the vote putting himself and his cult of followers before the party itself. He declined to address the loss of confidence by his own MPs in a statement issued a short while after the vote was declared.

Corbyn has been an abject disaster for Labour, it is time for him to go.

The die is now cast for the fight for the future of the Labour Party which may or may not survive the current internecine warfare. 

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