Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday Supplement: Between the movies. Independence Day: Dark Fathom

The sequel to blockbuster film Independence day hit the screens this week and (almost) just in time Titan have released the Official Prequel to the movie. Independence Day: Dark Fathom is a graphic novel collecting the five-issue miniseries of the same name that was released in the run up to the film.

Set at the end of the first alien incursion, the action takes place entirely underwater when a city destroyer ends up at the bottom of the Atlantic. Captain Adams takes on board a team who have been sent to investigate what the aliens are up to.

[Cover Art Image] [Cover Art Image]

On boarding the enemy ship a small team of US marines investigates what turns out to be a huge ship and find the aliens are drilling into the biggest fault along the ocean floor under the Atlantic. Millions of lives are at stake and their job is to stop this from happening.

An interesting take on the movie franchise which also usefully provides a time line at the back of the novel which take through what has happened on Earth in between the films. You will also find out what happened to Will Smith and why he's not in the movie. No spoilers from me though. Read  the book & see the film.

Independence Day: Dark Fathom

Although this is published by a British comics company the creative team is American and Brazilian. Not a criticism, just an observation. It's a real coup for Titan to get the franchise. They are a small company just breaking into the US comics market and also publish a range of Doctor Who comics amongst others.

Anyway here's a teaser for the movie if you haven't been yet.

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