Sunday, 5 June 2016

Momentum: "Crying Wolf"

The battle for the heart and soul of the Labour Party continues unabated as the internal National Executive Committee elections approach. The local constituency of the far-left's replacement for Ken Livingstone Rhea Wolfson decided not to nominate her at their democratically convened meeting.

Enter an apoplectic Momentum.

The organisation founded on the principle that any and all of the non-Corbynite MP's must be purged de-selected  along with any Red Tories Labour members that didn't agree with their road to undemocratic socialism is "outraged".

In an attempt to present themselves in a good light following the exposure of so much anti-Semitism disguised in so many as "anti-Zionism" they shout "foul" as Ms Wolfson is "the only Jewish candidate for the NEC" as if that had anything to do with her rejection.

This is the woman who wrote a now taken down from the Internet peice in which she proudly proclaimed that it "doesn't matter" if Labour loses the election.

Yeah right, like us ordinary working class folk can afford to wait decades for Godot-like socialism while the comrades keep their unbreakable, unbending and uncompromising principles intact. We're the one's that suffer.

we need the Tories out at the next election. It's the likes of Momentum, Rhea Wolfson and the totally useless Jeremy Corbyn that will prevent this from happening because they just have no idea about the reality of politics.

As for being Jewish, that's so irrelevant. As an (albeit atheist) Jew I would never vote for her, far too bloody left-wing.

The reign of the "three pounders" is destroying the only credible opposition to Cameron.

Their subs will run out in due course. How many will re-new or become full members?

Meanwhile Scottish Labour is discussing becoming a separate party. The Herald reports:

KEZIA Dugdale has launched a consultation on whether to create an independent Scottish Labour party in the wake of last month’s crushing Holyrood election defeat.

Going it alone is one of the “options for reform” contained in a document circulated to members last week.

Watch this space for further developments.

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