Sunday, 26 June 2016

Corbyn: The man who broke the Labour Party?

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The crisis inside the Labour Party finally entered it's final phase today as we learnt of the sacking of Hilary Benn by Jeremy Corbyn as his "plot" to oust the leader came to light. Over the day, almost hour by hour members of the Shadow cabinet resigned. The dies is cast. The long awaited challenge will go ahead.

Margaret Hodge the MP whose motion of no confidence precipitated this battle has also come under attack, from those very types who personify what has gone wrong with Labour. The so-called "anti-Zionists" decided to run with this on Electronic Intafada:

Margaret Hodge, a pro-Israel Member of the UK Parliament launched a coup attempt against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on Friday.

Corbyn is the left-wing leader of the main opposition Labour Party, who supports boycotts of Israel.

In plain English read: a "Zionist plot".

With Corbynistas desperately rallying their forces on social media and with on-line petitions, moderates are calling for those members who left to return to the party. There's even an on-line petition involving Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the non-affiliated PCS union. A man previously openly hostile to the Labour Party and supporter of Respect and the Trade Union & Socialist Coalition in previous elections.

The stakes are high. The Labour Party is losing support on the ground amongst voters at an alarming rate. Scotland is gone and with the likelihood of Independence in the not too distant future, lost forever. UKIP are targeting those areaswhere Labour voters supported Brexit and confidence in Corbyn outside the ideologically motivated left is practically non-existent.

The man at the centre of this is seemingly unmoved.

Despite his poor performance in the referendum and his seeming inability to actually take on the Tories he and his supporters in the ideological bunker that is Islington refuses to recognise what he has done to the main opposition party in the UK.

As Chris Bryant MP so eloquently put it in his letter to Corbyn:

You will go down in history as the man who broke the Labour Party.

Corbyn must go. There is still time to restore a real Labour Party and remove the far-left parasites that have wrecked it.

We have been here before. Back in the early eighties there was Foot, Benn and the Militant Tendency who took Labour to the brink. The Party was won back and Labour went on to win elections. Corbyn, McDonnell and Momentum can also be beaten.

Corbyn must go. The alternative is a decade of Tory government.

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