Saturday, 4 June 2016

How to beat your wife -Saudi Style

The rights of women are virtually non-existent in Saudi Arabia. They are not allowed to drive or go out without a male guardian. The list of restrictions is almost endless. The Wahhabian strain of Islam is so close to the kind of Islam that is imposed by the criminals of ISIS.

Saudi Arabia is truly an Apartheid state, not that the anti-imperialist left will ever admit to it. They are too busy berating the Middle East's only democracy where the only Pride events can take place in the region. Makes you wonder about their motives let alone their degenerate politics.

If you criticise Islam you become an instant Islamophobe just listen that moron who recently became President of the NUS.

If any evidence was needed to expose the violent misogynist basis of Islam just see this video.

Saudi Clerics are Hate Preachers, even when they pretend to be "family doctors".

I did post the to Face Book last night but felt it deserved a wider viewing.

One word for this "man" which is unprintable. 


  1. Not shocked or surprised anymore. Sad, isn't it? Wonder how many 'moderate' Muslim men agree with this. Am shocked to learn Sharia courts are allowed in Israel, the US, etc. These courts should be outlawed in free, democratic countries, at the very least! The UK is finally waking up to this, the anti-Semitism (especially in Labour), and everything else rotten that's connected, but the horse has already bolted.

    1. Agreed. For the record comments on this blog are moderated due to a couple of abusive "trolls". I have published your original comment as soon as I got back on-line! Shalom.