Saturday, 18 June 2016

The NUS President has lost the plot

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With all the horror unfolding over the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox one story seemed to disappear of the medias radar. That is the latest ideological atrocity from the new President of NUS Malia Bouattia.

I read with sheer disbelief and horror her words from a debate on Wednesday reported in The Times (no link£):

 ..that young people joining terrorist groups in Syria felt "so dis-empowered they're left with no choice"

This is down to unemployment, privilege and youth centres being closed down apparently.

In other words anything but the theology behind Islamist extremism and quoted at length by ISIS from the Koran and the Haddiths (supposed sayings of their "prophet" Mohammed).

This all as part of the campaign against the governments "Prevent" campaign to try and stop the murderous radicalisation of young men (and women) reading this clerical-fascist garbage in the privacy of their "safe spaces" (or bedrooms).

That such a woman has become President of the National Union of Students is a result of the privileges of radical student activists who dominate and bully small meetings of students to ensure dissent is suppressed in favour of their ant-imperialist/trigger warning/safe space elitism.

Bouttai was elected by delegates, not members to her position which is why there have been moves to break away from NUS which has gone on to hold because of the student holidays. What they really need to do on their return is campaign for the democratisation of the NUS and have a secret ballot of members just like trade unions.

Meanwhile her words must surely be seen not just as misleading and disgusting but also as an insult to the vast majority of underprivileged young people who do not go on to murder, rape and commit genocide in the name of some false medieval faith.

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But most of all Ms Bouattia owes an apology to the victims of ISIS and their ilk.

ISIS are criminal murderers and they act in the name of Islam whether she, other Muslims or anyone else tries to deny it. There is a connection between faith and fascism which she like most of the self-proclaimed "left" attempt to ignore.

The NUS leadership has lost the plot and Ms Bouattia has proved to be the worst possible representative for the politics of the supposed new generation.

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