Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Time to organise against Corbyn & Momentum

The news that Corbyn supporters are to protest outside an MP's surgery on Friday when Neil Coyle is opening his door to help constituents thereby intimidating both his staff and members of the public seeking help is an affront to decency. This kind of "mob rule" is unacceptable.

Mr Coyle has written to John McDonnell stating that his support for this action is a disgrace and he should be ashamed of himself. However, McDonnell, a closet Trotskyist has no shame and is no doubt hoping to replace the useless Corbyn when the man finally goes one way or the other.

Labour First are calling for lapsed members to return to take on the "militants" though until a leadership contest is triggered people will have to take up full membership. This is because the "three quid" option is only open during the vote.

I for one will take up the £3 option when the contest starts and urge all those of you opposed to the far-left takeover of the Labour Party to join up to make sure the only remaining opposition party is returned to sanity.

If you are a member then Labour First has circulated the following model motion for your CLPs/party branches.

This CLP has no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn MP as Leader of the Labour Party, and calls for him to stand down from his position.

While we believe that Jeremy Corbyn is a man of great principle, we do not believe that he has the skills or capacity to effectively lead the opposition in this vital period for the future of our nation. As negotiations begin for our exit from the European Union it has never been more important for the Labour Party to hold an increasingly right-wing Conservative Party to account. With Jeremy Corbyn as a leader we are unable to do that and are not on course to form the next government.

We thank Jeremy Corbyn for his leadership during this difficult period and the many years of service he has given the Labour movement, and hope that he places the needs of that movement first at this crucial moment.

This is based on a motion to Battersea CLP which was passed 60 to 20. Please raise in your branch urgently.

This is a battle that must be won by the voices of reason. The far-left have done far too much damage. They must be beaten. Now!

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