Friday, 2 September 2016

Never a dull day with the antics of Jeremy Corbyn

Given that I have just come home with the weekend shopping and am preparing dinner whilst the girlfriend is down the pub with her mates as usual on a Friday night I was more than amused with Jeremy Corbyns latest parable.

And lo, ITV News:

Jeremy Corbyn has called on companies to end after-work drinks, claiming that "early evening socialisation" benefits men while discriminating against mothers.

The Labour leader made his comments at an early evening event which launched a document detailing how Mr Corbyn's flagship 10 pledges would advance gender equality for women, and tackle gendered violence and harassment.

Trouble is they go on to report:

Following the event, held at Unison's offices, a drinks party was held.

The man is a fool. 

Trouble is he is a dangerous fool. The Times reports that Jeremy Corbyn is unrepentant about his appearances on Press TV, the official channel of the Iranian Government. You know the one, the religious fascists who propagate misogyny, homophobia and practice torture, hang gays and execute children and think the Holocaust is suitable for a cartoon fest. 

Apparently he did this to "promote human rights" (*Jews, Women, Gays, Atheists, Baha'i's, Kurds need not apply).

Words fail me.....

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