Sunday, 4 September 2016

An old fashioned sex scandal?

It's not that long ago that the media sent themselves into frenzy over an injunction that prevented them running a story about a "celebrity" involved in a "threesome" that the rest of the world (including Scotland) could access but not in England & Wales. When someone found out and told us in the works canteen there was a complete lack of interest amongst those present and was frankly a non story.

All involved were consenting adults and in this day and age it was not much of a big deal. Even the fact the participants were (cough) gay made no difference. No one was bothered.

Today the media is all over Keith Vaz MP after the Daily Mirror published an expose this morning in which a "party" is allegedly being arranged with a couple of male prostitutes including arranging the delivery of drugs. Vaz is "referring the matter" to his solicitors.

The problem for Vaz is that (a) he's a member of Parliament, (b) married, (c) a Muslim, community that is highly homophobic but most of all he sits on the Parliamentary Affairs Committee that is in the process of examining on such matters for future policy considerations.

Now as far as I am concerned this should be a matter for him and his wife of many years standing since they don't appear to be in an "open relationship". His religion and state role matter little. There are probably many MP's and certainly others in high positions who engage in such things.

I take a "liberal" and more pragmatic view on prostitution than the moralists of right or left who want to interest in peoples lives right down to to the minutiae of sex. What consenting adults do in private (and that includes the sale of sex) is between them and not a matter for the state or religion to legislate on.

The key word of course is "consent" in order to differentiate from trafficking a problem that does need tackling and stamping out.

Of course Keith Vaz has a "conflict of interests" on his role on that committee but then how many MP's local Councillors and officials do so on a regular basis.....

Time to move on. Nothing to see here.

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