Sunday, 18 September 2016

Commissars, Communists and Corbyn

The Jewish Labour Movement held a debate tonight featuring the two contenders for the leadership of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith. I missed the first half but caught up with the live-streaming on the internet broadcast by Jewish News.

One of the questions that was bound to come out was the question about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party but first the candidates were asked why they they thought support for the Labour Party has dropped from 70% in the nineties to just 7% today. Neither candidate provided a satisfactory answer but Corbyn as usual was in denial about the problem of rising anti-Semitism within the party itself.

In fact when directly answering the question that directly followed he tried claiming that some of this was from "before he was leader" which solicited jeers from the audience as might be expected. This while true, ignored the simple fact that since Corbyn took over there has been an exponential rise in anti-Semitism, People wanted to know why Ken Livingstone wasn't expelled. Corbyn's answer that it was currently being dealt with through "due process" did not impress. Nor did his denial over Jacqueline Walker. Both of who have crossed the Rubicon in my humble opinion.

Owen Smith did make Corbyn cringe, just a wee bit by pointing out that Corbyn did not want Livingstone suspended and anyway everyone knew he would be back.

The fact is Labour has become too toxic for Jews with even one Labour MP having to put up with thousands of abusive messages plus death threats.

Meanwhile further evidence of the growth of "Red Fascism" or Stalinism has come to light with the news that Momentum is to appoint a "Labour Engagement Officer" in every Constituency Labour Party to report back activities to their Central Committee, the shadow leadership inside Labour constructed to support and direct Corbyn.

Commissars come to mind. Watch what you say comrade, the party is listening. And the comrades wonder why they are compared to fascists at times.

Well there's their problem with Jews, their intolerance, the abuse and then theres the leadership cult.


Additionally the Corbynistas are not just planning purges of MPs but Labours staff as well. Those that either do not toe the line or don't fit in will be replaced. A euphemism for being made redundant. Not sure what union these people belong to but I hope they get proper representation, not that Momentum will care. To them the unions. like the Labour Party and the working class itself, they are just tools to be used on the road to "socialism" whatever that is supposed to actually be.

The way they venerate Corbyn he'll end up embalmed and preserved on display in Trafalgar Square which will probably be renamed by then...

Finally the Sunday Times reports that a leading trade unionist and member of the Communist Party is being touted by some to replace the current General Secretary of the Labour Party. Not beyond the realms of possibility as the new Stalinists or Blackshirts (makes no difference what you call them) rise to take control.

I just hope the MPs (or at least the majority of them) are ready to take the next step.

Corbyn will win on Thursday. It's already too late to save Labour. 

The time has come for a new centre/left party. We have no other choice. 

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