Thursday, 29 September 2016

Jackie Walker's apology is not accepted

The Vice-Chair of the Corbyn supporting Momentum organisation has been caught out again with her unsavoury views when it comes to Jews. Besides stating she couldn't find a definition of anti-Semitism she could work with and questioning the need for security in Jewish schools she also clearly tried to downgrade the Shoah, the Holocaust.

All this at a "training session" about anti-Semitism.

This comes on her ridiculous attempts to blame the Jews for the slave trade and at a time when Momentum are reeling from continued accusations about the presence of anti-Semitism in their ranks. The fact Walker claims to be "part Jewish" is irrelevant. Just look at Gilad Atzmon.

As recently reported on this blog Momentum tried to push the line that they were "fed up" with hearing about anti-Semitism and produced a crass video on the subject which backfired so badly it had to be taken down within hours of it's release.

The along comes Jackie walker and opens her foul mouth.

This is proving too much for even the left of Labour.

Even Momentum has had enough and the Guardian reports

The steering committee of Momentum is seeking to remove its vice-chair, Jackie Walker, after widespread criticism of comments she made about Holocaust Memorial Day.

The Guardian understands her removal from the post is likely to be confirmed when the committee meets on Monday. A spokesperson for the left-wing grassroots movement, which was set up to support Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party, confirmed members wanted her to go.

“Members of Momentum’s steering committee are seeking to remove Jackie Walker as vice-chair of the committee,” said the spokesperson, who did not wish to be named.

One of the sponsoring unions has had enough:

Manuel Cortes, the general secretary of the TSSA union and a strong backer of Corbyn, called on Walker to resign from the Labour party immediately. “I am asking Jackie that, in the interests of unity, she resigns at once from our party and also as vice-chair of Momentum,” he said. “If she doesn’t, both the Labour party and Momentum need to act to get rid of her at once. Furthermore, TSSA will seriously reconsider our union’s support for Momentum if she is still in post by this time next week.”

Walker has tried to apologise but The Times reports (no link£):

Ms Walker apologised for causing offence, but said the video footage of her remarks, which was handed to the media, had been leaked unethically.."

In other words she only apologised because she got caught. Weasel words from Walker.

Not only should Walker resign from Momentum but from the Labour Party and leave politics altogether. She is not welcome in the Labour and Trade Union movement. Time for her to retire from public life.

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