Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Momentum, the AWL & The Beano


Last nights Dispatches was a bit of an anti-climax despite being argued and commented on wildly before it was even broadcast. Momentum itself went to the trouble of making a video featuring their members stating how "violated" they felt about being exposed.

Sigh, you couldn't make it. The cry-bullies don't like it when when they are "exposed".

In fact there wasn't much new in the programme and even their underhanded deceitfulness as espoused by Momentum-Fuhrer Jon Lansman didn't really shock or surprise. The fact is that Momentum is not a recreation of Militant per-se, it is or has become something similar in practice.

And more dangerous.

However there was an over-emphasis on the Alliance for Workers Liberty, a small group of perhaps 120 core members who are an "entryist" organisation since they are a "separate, distinct organisation with their own structures, publications and aims are perhaps the least of Labour's real problems. The AWL has always been half-in/half-out of the Labour Party despite it's proscription when it went under the name of Socialist Organiser, the name of the newspaper it published.

The AWL are a group I've always had mixed feelings about depending on who I have had contact with. In PCS they were a rather shouty mob in London with whom I was in constant conflict. Yet at the same time they held quite radically different views of the issues I care about. The right of Israel to exist and the need for a secular stand against Islamism.

The rest of the left capitulated to the arabist anti-Zionist project and Islamism a couple of decades or more ago.

Meanwhile I note the comrades of Momentum have set up a Kids Group that includes teaching the young'uns how to make placards. Show me a child before they are seven.... comes to mind.

Momentum Infants.

My message to them is simple. Sod the Communist Manifesto, demand the Beano!

Anyway here's some music from Cher just because I felt like posting it.

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