Saturday, 17 September 2016

Recommended Viewing for Monday night!

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There are a couple of "must watch" television programmes coming up on Monday night starting off at 7:30 with a new edition of Channel Four's investigative programme Dispatches. This is the result of a six month investigation into the activities of the extreme left "Momentum" group inside the Labour Party. It hasn't been aired yet and the comrades are "denying the allegations". If they have nothing to hide then they should have nothing to worry about...

This takes place at a time when the far-left is engaged in a vicious campaign to take over the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn. So far all they have succeeded in doing is destroying Labour's credibility as a viable opposition party. MP's have had bricks through the windows of the constituency offices, death threats and unbelievably anti-Semitic abuse.

The leader of the Left Unity Party (a group originally established to oppose Labour has seen it's membership "decamp" into Labour) Ken Loach has already launched a campaign to "complain about the BBC for alleged bias. Urging left wingers to send in "complaints" the Huffington Post reported:

The left-wing activist and film director said the BBC had the “pretence of objectivity” but was in fact a “propaganda” arm of the state. “The BBC is not some objective chronicler of our time – it is an arm of the state,” he said.

The irony of so many left-wingers using the Iranian Clerics Press TV and Putin's RTV to spread their own propaganda seems lost on comrade Loach. Nevertheless this should be an interesting programme.

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Viewers may then wish to change channels at 8pm to watch the first episode launching a re-run of one of Irwin Allen's sci-fi programmes, Land of the Giants.

You'll probably need a break from reality after listening to the comrades on Channel 4. Here's the trailer to get you in the mood for an interesting Monday night on the old telly box.

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