Saturday, 24 September 2016

Labour: Day of the Dead

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I took a quick break from watching Young Frankenstein on Movie Mix to watch for as short a time as possible the inevitable outcome of the Labour leadership election. No surprises there. However the future is now bleak. Labour has destroyed itself, there is no other way to describe the outcome of this absurd farce.

Corbyn said he would do "everything" to help those who needed it. Except he won't because he and his blinkered supporters will never be elected to power. What's more he should never be Prime Minister. His policies are unworkable, his foreign policy beyond sanity.

The shrillness of his supporters on social media illustrate the worst the left has to offer. The messianic standing he attracts frightening. To see Corbynistas marching around the streets holding placards showing pictures of the man remind me of Stalinism. The dear or great leader so praised.

What happens next is the big question that the rational left within Labour have to consider. They will be purged, deselected or if an employee not considered politically suitable made redundant.  The mainstream cannot survive in such a toxic environment. That is the sad reality of the Labour Party today.

While the far-right rises across Europe along Islamism in the Muslim world and within our own countries, the far-left has risen in Britain. Extremism threatens us all.

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